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With over 30 years of combined experience in packaging and formulations, the Universal Packaging Group, Corporation has the capacity to package in any of the following packaging:


Plastic or glass (any size or shape) sealed with tamper – evident bands or induction sealed caps.


Plastic or glass (any size or shape) sealed with tamper – evident bands or induction sealed caps.


Foil, Plastic, Stand-Up Pouch or Pillow, Wrap-Around.

Composite / Metal Cans

Complete 401 composite or metal can fill and labeling lines.


Universal Packaging has the ability to package your product in a wide variety of tin or plastic containers.


With two fully automated shrink wrapping tunnels, Universal Packaging can prepare trays and shrink-wrap to your specifications

Quick Turn-Around Times: 

Depending  on  current scheduling, and time of year, in most cases we can turn-around a finished product in    as little as 2-4 days. Customer may provide an approved product for Universal Packaging to package. Should it be required for Universal Packaging to purchase product or ingredients pre-payment for product or ingredients may be required.


The importance of item branding is among the most important component of product packing. To meet this need Universal Packaging offers its own label – Rosehill Select – for exclusive customer use.  Please ask our sales teams for more details.

Little or No Minimums: 

Many of our products require little (one pallet per item) minimum. From one pallet to truckload quantities (price discounts may apply to large quantities). That’s why the Universal Packaging Group Corporation is the right choice for you. Remember, only UPG can formulate and package your product.

Kosher Certification:   

All our ingredients & products are Kosher certified by our nationally recognized Kosher Certification agency. Should a customer desire to bring their own certifying agency to oversee their own production, arrangements must be made at least 48 hours prior production through our Kosher Desk.

Packaging & Labeling:

Whether customers provide their own product, or UPG formulates a product, UPG will provide a finished product that can be proudly displayed on any supermarket shelf. All our products can be packaged as a Rosehill Select, or as a private label product.


Unless otherwise by a contractual agreement, all goods must be paid for before / or on day of, pick up. No goods will be released without   payment. Acceptable forms of payment:  Business Check (with prior approval from our accounting department), Cash, Certified or Bank Check or Letter of Credit.

Whatever your packaging or formulating needs are, Universal Packaging Group Corporation stands ready with the expertise, knowledge and sourcing ability, to provide you with a finished product you will be proud to call your own. If you do not see any particular item, please feel free to   inquire.  Universal Packaging Group, Corporation is constantly formulating an ever-expanding line of products. We currently offer 300 premium quality products!    


  • All products and blends that require formulation are formulated at, and by, Universal Packaging and are exclusive to the Universal Packaging Group, Corporation.

  • UPG can formulate a product, or flavor, to meet the exacting requirements of our customers.

  • All our drink mixes are available in either sugar or sugar-free versions.

  • UPG maintains an extensive flavor list. If you do not see a particular flavor, please feel free to inquire with our expert sales teams.

  • UPG maintains an  extensive list of pure ingredients. We are constantly adding new formulations and products. If you do not see a particular product in this catalog, feel free to inquire.