About Us

UPG LOGO white smallWe, at Universal Packaging Group Corporation, are proud of our combined 30 years of operations & experience. From our humble beginnings, Universal Packaging Group, Corporation has grown to become a leading packaging, blending and formulation company in the North Eastern United States. With a global reach for sourcing only the finest quality ingredients, Universal Packaging Group, Corporation can formulate, blend and package virtually any dry and free flowing product to your specifications.

Universal Packaging Group, Corporation began its life as a small coffee distributor known as Coffeebreak Time, Inc. on June 01, 1993.  At the request of its customer base, Universal Packaging Group began to carry other ancillary products. Its first product offering was its “Rich ‘N Creamy” Hot Chocolate & Cappuccino mixes. From there, Coffeebreak Time began to add more products to its roster of high quality offerings.

Today, Coffeebreak Time, Inc. has morphed into the Universal Packaging Group, Corporation, a packaging, blending and formulation company, with over 300 exciting and an ever-expanding product line – literally from soup mixes to nuts!  In the near future, Universal Packaging intends to offer its own line of products called Rosehill Select, as a complete line of premium quality products. With complete 401 can fill lines, pillow, pouch, or gusseted bags, jars – glass or plastic – or tin containers fill capabilities,   Universal Packaging Group, Corporation can meet, virtually, any packaging or formulating requirements. In addition, we can now offer a line of gluten-free products.

From the design stage, to production, packaging and distribution, Universal Packaging Group, and its sister companies, can produce a product that you will be happy and proud to call your own. On the last page of this guide, you will find our contact information.

Contact us today and find out for yourself why we truly are…

“Your Private Label Source!”